Golf Club Cleaning


"When we first contacted ProClubClean we found the sound information he provided us with was invaluable in helping us make our decision of which machine and company to purchase from. What helped us to decide to purchase The Digital Ultrasonic Compact Grip & Club Head Cleaner and to go ahead with this project was the fact that ProClubClean has had the experience of selling golf club cleaning machines for the last 14 years and that the machine is manufactured in the UK and comes with a 1 year parts and labour warranty, so that gave us the confidence that we would have no other costs regarding the machine for 1 year after the initial purchase. From the date we ordered the machine to delivery, we found the service provided was professional and friendly. We are now cleaning clubs at our local golf courses and the response from golfers has been fantastic. The golfers can't believe how clean their grips and clubs heads are. We would highly recommend anyone who is thinking of starting up a club cleaning business to purchase a machine from ProClubClean."
Becky and Martin
Macclesfield, Cheshire

"From my initial enquiry with ProClubClean about purchasing an Ultrasonic Golf Club Cleaning machine to present, I have found the service excellent in all areas. He gave advice on the two machines he sells and recommended my current machine, The Digital Ultrasonic Compact Grip & Club Head Cleaner, that would meet my requirements. He was on hand throughout the purchasing process, gave me a delivery date and as promised the machine arrived on the morning of the date given. Regarding the machine, I'm delighted with its performance, but more importantly so are the golfers whose clubs I have cleaned. Repeat business is regular and very popular. The machine is excellent and gives a great finish to both grips and club heads. I would highly recommend one of these machines for your business. Thanks to ProClubClean and Nigel (ProClubClean's manufacturer) for their efficient and friendly service."
Peter Duckworth
Verwood, Dorset

"The Digital Ultrasonic Compact Grip & Club Head Cleaner is perfect for me and the service I offer. It has many advantages from the ease of use, to the management of transport and storage . However, above all it achieves the results golfer's and I are thrilled by"
Charles Harris
Wantage, Oxfordshire